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At the very core of D5’s work is a commitment to making more financial resources available to diverse communities. We are undertaking a number of activities to increase funding to diverse communities and build the capacity of diverse donors and population-focused funds.

Our priority:

  Raise the visibility and build the capacity of diverse donors and population-focused funds to contribute to, influence, and be partners in philanthropy.

In this section:

About Population-Focused Funds

To create a more inclusive, equitable—and ultimately more just—philanthropic sector, change starts within the communities that have been historically excluded. Population-focused funds (PFFs) are giving vehicles that are established by and for members of a racial, ethnic, or cultural community. They help address critical issues within that community by building on many cultural traditions of philanthropy and mutual aid within diverse communities, and are uniquely equipped to address community need. PFFs are a powerful force for building donor leadership, supporting emerging community infrastructure, and developing civic and political leadership.

Population-Focused Funds Directory

In order to connect the larger philanthropic sector and PFFs with each other, D5, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and the Foundation Center developed a directory that contains entries for over 400 population-focused funds throughout the United States serving African American, Arab American/Middle Eastern, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, women, and LGBTQ communities. This first-of-its kind interactive directory offers an engaging, visual way to find PFFs around the country through a map that is searchable by region, population, or field of interest. Data are sourced through the Foundation Center and supplemented with data from D5 research.

The directory is, effectively, a social network for PFFs and others committed to creating meaningful change in diverse communities. It offers contact information and relevant details to encourage people to connect, share knowledge, and create more opportunities for impact in diverse communities.

Funds currently included in the directory have been identified through ongoing research and outreach. If you are a fund that meets the eligibility criteria for inclusion in the directory and would like to be added, contact us.

Population-Focused Funds Research

In  2013, D5 partnered with The Bridgespan Group to undertake a comprehensive study of population-focused funds (PFFs) that offers an assessment of the unique and compelling role of PFFs in the philanthropic landscape. This analysis sheds light on factors that could lead to greater sustainability and impact of the funds as a whole. The report includes a statistical overview of the sector, case studies of successful models, and a summary of recommendations for measuring PFF performance and impact. The full report can be found here.

We Are Philanthropy Films

D5 represents many diverse voices committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy. To highlight these inspiring individuals—and their values and commitments—D5 and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors produced a collection of short films, We Are Philanthropy.

The flagship film, I Am a Philanthropist: Diverse Voices in Giving (2011), highlights a broad spectrum of philanthropists, and is a testament to the impact of diverse donors funding diverse communities across the nation. Their personal stories help us, as a field, understand the value of diverse experiences and funding. Ana Valdez shares how her childhood in Mexico revealed a painful gap between the haves and have-nots, and how that experience motivated her to include diverse communities in her own giving, while Virgil Roberts says when he sees young people who don’t know how to go from where they are to where they should be, “I see me.”

There are several other films in the collection that are tailored to specific audiences and venues:

I Am a Philanthropist: Diverse Voices in Giving (updated 2012)
I Am a Philanthropist: Diverse Voices in Giving (3-minute version)
We Are Philanthropy: African American Voices in Giving
We Are Philanthropy: LGBT Voices in Giving
We Are Philanthropy: Wadad Abed
We Are Philanthropy: Maria Bechily
We Are Philanthropy: Carmen Castellano
We Are Philanthropy: Wendy K. White Eagle
We Are Philanthropy: Dr. Zaher Sahloul
We Are Philanthropy: Lisa Yun Lee
We Are Philanthropy: Ana Valdez

These films are resources to help you in your work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in philanthropy.

We invite you to share them with your networks, screen them at events, link to them on your websites.  When you do, let us know that you did with a tweet @D5Coalition or a quick email

Philanthropic Inclusion Fund

In late 2011, D5 launched the Philanthropic Inclusion Fund to help build the fundraising capacity and strengthen the professional networks of PFFs. In April 2012, the Fund awarded grants of $5,000 – 10,000 to eleven PFFs that reflect the demographic and geographic diversity of this sector. PFFs used the grants to upgrade donor software, develop fundraising plans and campaigns, build development capacity, improve websites, and attend conferences.

The full list of grantees is below.

Asian Pacific Community Fund
Black Community Fund & Hispanic Development Fund/Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Center for Arab Philanthropy/Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Service Access
Chester County Fund for Women and Girls
Community Fund for Women and Girls/The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Latino Community Foundation
Nuestro Futuro/The Chicago Community Trust
Potlatch Fund
Poise Foundation
Women’s Fund of New Jersey
Women’s Funding Alliance

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