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The Population-Focused Funds Directory

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  3. You may select more than one Population Group or Field of Interest at the same time for aggregated results. (Selected fields are highlighted; click again to de-select.)
  4. Select the appropriate button at the bottom of the map to view results by either number of funds or $ given.
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The Population-Focused Funds Directory
Population-focused funds (PFFs) are giving vehicles established by and for members of racial, ethnic, tribal, gender, sexual-orientation, and other identity-based communities to address critical issues within those communities.

This directory contains entries for more than 400 PFFs throughout the United States, serving racial and ethnic groups, women and LGBTQ communities. The Foundation Center sources the data, which is supplemented with data from D5 research.

Inclusion in this directory is for informational purposes only and does not constitute or imply an endorsement by the D5 Coalition. Please communicate any concerns about specific organizations to or by clicking on the Feedback button below.

> More about PFFs and Eligibility Requirements

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Need to update your listing? Please use the Foundation Center's updater.