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Resources for Data Collection

Every month, more than 500 foundations and nonprofit organizations are joining the growing movement to share and collect demographic data. D5 has partnered with GuideStar and Green 2.0 to encourage foundation leaders to join the groundbreaking movement to improve available data (more about this partnership here). Keep the momentum going and Join the Data Movement Today!

Why is it important collect demographic data?

Because it’s the only way to know what impact we’re having and how to improve it. It’s the only way to ground strategy in a comprehensive understanding of what’s needed and what’s possible for the communities we seek to serve, and to make informed decisions about investments and interventions.

Getting Started

Tools and Resources for Data Collection

How Do I Get Started?

D5 has developed and compiled a collection of resources to get your organization started with collecting and using demographic data, including guides, webinars, and presentations. Putting data collection systems in place takes time, commitment, patience, and perseverance. The resources shared on the right will help you take the first steps in laying the groundwork for future success.

Data Collection Platforms

For a long time, we lacked the tools to collect and use demographic data effectively and systematically to assess philanthropic and programmatic impact. But we now have several options to collect and use demographic data to advance the common good, including GuideStar and others. 

  • GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles
    • In 2014 GuideStar launched the first-of-its-kind program to collect demographic data from nonprofits and foundations at scale.
    • Update your profile to include demographic data.
  • Get on the Map
    • This is a campaign and platform for foundations to move beyond basic grant descriptions to encourage more detailed data sharing, which makes it possible for regions to receive custom data mapping and visualization tools so funders can interact with grants data to identify gaps, overlaps, collaborators, and trends.
    • For more information: For more information, go here.
  • Simplify
    • Simplify is a new tool that links GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles data with foundations’ online application software systems, saving time and improving the quality of data.
    • Find more information here.