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Data Partnership: D5, GuideStar, and Green 2.0

In October 2014, D5 joined GuideStar, and Green 2.0 to launch a new program to help set standards for how data about diversity is collected within the nonprofit sector. Read more about GuideStar Profiles  and this groundbreaking partnership in the announcement GuideStar, D5 Partner to Launch New Program to Track Diversity Data.

Learn more about D5’s data focus here.

More Data News

Over the past several months, philanthropic and nonprofit leaders have helped to build momentum for data collection with blogs and articles articulating the importance of data collection and urging their peers to take action.

Inside Philanthropy, July 1, 2015: A Call for Diversity Data Is Met With Silence by Many Green Funders. What’s That About?
Of the nation’s top 50 funders of environmental issues, only nine have submitted their diversity data to-date.

Chronicle of Philanthropy, June 29, 2015: Foundation Heads Call on Peers to Publicize Diversity Data
The leaders of six major foundations called on their peers to share the racial and gender make-up of their boards and staff using GuideStar Profiles.

D5 Blog, June 4, 2015: A Proven Playbook for Increased Effectiveness (also featured on
This op-ed shares what the social sector can learn from the corporate sector about how diversity increases effectiveness.

Green 2.0 Press Release, March 22, 2015: Over 25 Environmental Advocacy Nonprofits and 9 Top Foundations Submit Diversity Data to Guidestar
More than 25 of the leading environmental advocacy organizations in the United States submitted their employee and board diversity information to GuideStar Profiles.

D5 Blog, March 18, 2015: Why Diversity Data is a Priority 
A roundup of articles featuring leaders from the Ford Foundation, Council on Foundations, and The California Endowment that make the case for why diversity data collection is a priority for philanthropic and nonprofit organizations.

D5 Blog, March 16, 2015: Breaking the Green Ceiling – West Coast Gathering 
On March 4, D5 took part in the West Coast briefing for top environmental groups and for media on the recent report by Green 2.0, The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations, and the new GuideStar Exchange system for collecting diversity data.

Green 2.0 Press Release, March 9, 2015: Leading environmental funders join diversity data gathering initiative, Tom Steyer applauds Green 2.0
Five of the nation’s top environmental funders formally pledged to submit or have already submitted their diversity data to GuideStar Exchange.

D5 Blog, November 9, 2014: Rolling out a Platform to Provide Diversity Data (also featured on 
Danielle Deane, Principal at The Raben Group and Director at Green 2.0 writes on the Foundation Center GlassPockets blog about Green 2.0′s partnership with D5 and GuideStar to bring a set of uniform and simple data standards in collecting diversity data.