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Indiana and Anti-LGBT Discrimination – What Does it Mean for Foundations?

Following recent legislative action in Indiana and perhaps more on the horizon in Arkansas and several other states, we are reminded there is much work to be done to ensure an inclusive and equitable society. In response to this attack on equality in the name of “religious freedom,” Funders for LGBTQ Issues posted the following […]

A Grand Day

Yesterday, two rulings by the Supreme Court paved a path of progress in the fight for marriage equality.We all know the work doesn’t stop at marriage equality; there is much to be done to achieve full equity for everyone in the LGBT community. We are hopeful that, as a field, we can take advantage of […]

At the Crossroads: The Future of the LGBT Movement

Today marks a historic moment in the LGBT movement; the Defense of Marriage Act has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and Prop 8 has been dismissed on standing. These two rulings are important marks of progress in the marriage equality movement, but the LGBT community continues to face a broad range of issues […]

The Freedom to Celebrate

Roger Doughty, Executive Director of Horizons Foundation pens this beautiful letter celebrating the San Francisco Pride.

I Am a Philanthropist 2.0

D5 is thrilled to be able to finally make public the new version of its “I Am a Philanthropist” video! This updated film now includes diverse donors from the Midwest and continues D5’s effort to spotlight the inspiring work that is taking place across the country. The new version of the video was premiered to […]