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Tell us what you think about our State of the Work 2013 Report!

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In our work, the same questions always come up: How do we begin to talk about diversity, equity and inclusion in our foundations? How do other foundations do it? What are some lessons learned?

Our annual State of the Work report is an attempt to answer these questions. In it we portray examples and stories from the field so people can get inspired and think about actions they can take in their own foundations.

Featuring lessons learned from executives of the American Express Foundation, the Baltimore Community Foundation, Access Strategies Fund, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, Capek Consulting, Russell Family Foundation, and FSG, our 2013 State of the Work report draws on the successes and challenges of philanthropic leaders to create a more diverse sector in 2012.

We would like to hear your thoughts about the report! Did it inspire you to take action? Did the foundations’ efforts offer you any insights on what you can do in your own foundation?

Please take a minute to complete the survey below.

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